Akiros Ismort



Male Human (Taldan) Ex-Paladin 1 of Erastil / Barbarian 4


This man, whose mannerisms and speech confirm he hails from the feudalist nation of Taldor, is an enigma to say the least. The graying of his hair and beard confirm his age on Golarion to be in closing in on 40 winters. He is both tall and handsome and speaks with an authority and charisma that hints at a more noble or educated upbringing, but his rugged appearance and underlying dark demeanor belies these traits as does a nasty blade-scar that runs across the right side of his face from his eyebrow to his cheek. He frequently runs his fingers over the disfigurement as he contemplates, using it as a fuel to make decisions. The way he loses himself in thought and his dour demeanor as he touches it, hints that the scar goes a lot deeper than just the skin of his face. He appears a healthy and stout warrior of great skill, with the field presence and commanding aura, but dominating even that is his fierce look of his eyes and an intimidating glare and snarl that hints of being on the verge of violence at a moment’s notice. However, when things are calm, he seems no less dangerous, but his expressions of melancholy and perhaps even remorse makes him appear lost and perhaps even broken.

A’Kiros was with the bandits for less than 6 months before you met him. And yet in this short amount of time, there is no doubt that he had already earned a great deal of respect and fear from the people at the fort and by the way the other lieutenants called out to him, it would indicate he was a recognized figure of authority at the fort. He has no love of the bandits, or their lifestyle and he despised the Stagg Lord; referring to him as both insane, and an alcoholic psychopath. You get the impression that he only remained for as long as he did as it was a better option than being lost alone.

During the combat at the Stagg Lord’s Fort, he showed great skill at arms, a penchant for uncontrolled violence towards the Stagg Lord’s men. When the Stagg Lord was finally laid low, A’Kiros ceremoniously ripped the stag helmet amulet that he wore from neck and cast it down on to the bloody body of his once psychopathic employer. After which, the man’s temper cooled drastically and quickly, and a calmer and darker demeanor took hold. He aided your party in the “clean-up” efforts at the fort and pointed out a number of facts about the place and even pointed towards the Stagg Lord’s treasure stash, and the bandits treasury.

During the evening’s convversation you could sense just the hint of hope in his eyes that he allowed to creep in – albeit carefully guarded by his own emotional defenses. He seemed genuinely surpised and perhaps even a little relieved that your group would be willing to stay cordial to a man that recently served such a vile beast of a man, and show respect and trust in him; and perhaps even restored a small semblance of hope in him in humanity.

It was only due to your generosity towards him, and willingness to show good faith and good will that prompted him to remain at the fort for a while and hear you. After hearing you and watching you and seeing that there are truly those that want to make this area a good and prosperous land he decided to stay on and assist you in your efforts to colonize this region.

Akiros Ismort

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