Crazy hermit, Potion maker


Male Human (Chelaxian) Adept 5


Having a propensity to speak to imaginary people and a body odor that would make a beggar blush, Bokken is an unusual man to say the least. He is very skilled at brewing potions, and tasty ones at that thanks to his addition of fangberry juice, but his talents have come at the cost of his sanity.

Living out on the plains in the middle of nowhere, Bokken is content to make his potions and sell them to Oleg or passerby travelers. In his spare time he likes to tend his garden behind his hut, something his ‘lady love’ encouraged him to do in order to help him pass the time.

Bokken has offered a 25% discount on his potions to the party should they bring him back an ample supply of fangberries.

Bokken can craft any potion of 2nd level or lower on the Adept spell list.


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