Chief Sootscale

Leader of the Sootscale Kobolds


Male Kobold Rogue 7


This crafty Rogue is the gutsy and proud leader of the small tribe of Kobolds the party encountered whilst exploring the Greenbelt. At the time he had lost control of his people due to the devious machinations of the Sorceror Tartuk, a former gnome-turned-kobold who sought to destroy the Sootscales from within out of hatred.

When Mikmek was rescued and brought the party to Chief Sootscale with the statue, he was overjoyed at finally being able to rid himself of the ‘curse’ Tartuk had levied on his tribe and, with the assistance of the party, rid the tribe of Tartuk altogether.

The Chief has become allies with the party and has sent Mikmek along to live in Crimsondale to be his ambassador for the tribe. He is finally at peace now that the Mites have been routed and his tribe’s inner turmoil resolved. Now he looks towards the future of his tribe and its prosperity.

Chief Sootscale

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