Dame Surra Turmolt

High Priestess, Paladin of Pharasma


Female Human (Taldan) Paladin 5 of Erastil


Born to a Taldan Noble house of major standing, Surra grew up in a posh lifestyle but quickly gave up her riches at the age of 16 to join the Grave Knights, an order of Paladins devoted to Pharasma, Goddess of Fate, Death, Prophecy and Birth.

During a crusade Surra, along with some of her fellow Knights, were set upon by Lycanthropes and she became infected with the dreadful disease. She does not remember where she was or how long she was a victim of the disease.

The PCs found Surra when she attacked in her hybrid form in the middle of the night whilst the party was camped out. Instead of killing her, you showed mercy and subdued her, taking her back to Oleg’s Fort. With the help of Bokken’s knowledge of alchemy and Jhod Kavken’s healing skills Surra was able to overcome her disease and be cured.

In thanks Surra has pledged herself to the party and resides in Crimsondale, acting as its High Priestess.

Surra has not expressed any desire to visit her family back home in Taldor. She has, however, dispatched a messenger to the Grave Knights stationed in Brevoy to send word of her recovery.

Dame Surra Turmolt

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