Ioseph Sellemius

Lord Mayor of Restov


Male Human (Taldan) Aristocrat 8


This Taldan man is in his late 50’s, and has served as Restov’s mayor for the better part of 15 years. His well kept raven-black hair is tinged with the gray of old age as it presents itself more starkly with every year that passes. Always looking his best, Lord Mayor Sellemius enjoys strolling through the streets of his refined yet simultaneously rough-and-tumble city, conversing with his fellow citizens and taking in the day’s sights and happenings. His black top hat is his trademark fashion statement, while his gold-plated rapier is for ornamental purposes.

The middle child in a family of three sons, he stayed within the city for most of his life while his eldest brother Wyatt went off to seek the life of adventure. His father, who was also Lord Mayor, disapproved of his firstborn’s decision, saying it would only lead to an untimely end in the foolhardy pursuit of riches that were looted long ago or didn’t even exist. Much to his chagrin, Wyatt disappeared in the Stolen Lands 20 years ago. His body was never found.

Ioseph is the proud father of three daughters (17, 22, and 25) and two sons, (7 and 22) who are the frequent topic of his conversations. His youngest daughter Rosala expressed a desire to become an adventurer, an idea which Ioseph quickly and fiercely forbade, and instead sent her off to a finishing school in the capital of New Stetven. His sons assist him with his mayoral duties as he did with his father. His eldest daughter married into House Medvyed and his middle daughter provides care for her mother, the Lord Mayor’s ailing wife.

Ioseph Sellemius

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