Jubilost Narthropple

Gnomish Explorer


Male Gnome Ranger 3 / Expert 3


This gnome is the fearless leader of the chartered “Narthropple Expedition”. He and his fellow nine gnomes whom all hail from the gnomish city of Glingdenhast, take the gnomish trend and tendency to explore with wanderlust to another level. Seemingly directionless, they meander aimlessly through untold tracks of wilderness in search of various secrets and places to map. Jubilost is a cartographer by trade, but his ever increasing wanderlust drives him to map regions while travelling through it – and gather and trading “junk” as a means to promote and fiscally sustain their continued travels.

At the time the PCs met Jubilost, he had suffered a few nasty injuries that showed something had busted up his face; explained to the be the handiwork of red-scaled kobolds in the hills who attacked him for “trying to communicate”. He is currently staying in Crimsondale until his injuries have healed properly.

The Narthropple Expedition came in search of an incredible frontier trading post that he had heard of in the northern Greenbelt; only to learn of it’s closure and its inhabitants being moved to the city of Crimsondale. Invited by leaders of the barony, the wayfinding band of gnomes visited the growing city. While there, Jubilost expressed interest in setting up a three-pronged business there: a cartography school, a shop to sell maps, and an explorer’s guild. He said he will contact family in Glingdenhast to travel to Crimsondale and help him set up and execute his idea.

In the meantime the expedition will continue to traipse though the wilderness, exploring new locations, discovering ancient or secreted structures, and generally getting themselves into a good deal of trouble.

Jubilost Narthropple

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