Kesten Garess

Mercenary Captain


Male Human (Taldan) Fighter 5


A rather unfriendly mercenary captain, Kesten Garess volunteered to control peace at Oleg’s along with three warriors. Kesten is reliable and strategically sound despite his gruff approach to delicate situations. He leads by example of his own fearlessness and tenacity, and seems comfortable in charge of others, and is quite wise when it comes to making rational and pragmatic decisions to those in his charge. He is viewed as a good and solid commander in the field, making good tactical and sound decisions. He has little patience for politics and smooth talk, preferring action to inaction, and speaking what one thinks as opposed to what one wants to hear.

Kesten never speaks of his past, or his family, despite carrying the name of Garess – a noble house known for their dealings with dwarves. He quickly brushes such coversation aside, and considers it – like most other small talk – a complete waste of breath. It is mused that House Garess’ dealings with the gruff race of hardy dwarves has certainly rubbed off on Kesten more than a little.

Trained in the use of sword and shield tactics, along with the fierce use of a spear makes Kesten a hardy and dangerous warrior who has survived as long as he has by following one creedo: He never hesitates to run an opponent through. His fierce fighting, along with his unusual wielding of his sword via his left hand, has been more than enough to set him apart from other mercenaries in Rostland.

Kesten Garess

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