Former Captain of the Stag Lord


Female Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 2 / Fighter 3


What you know of this dark and sinister woman is very little. She wields twin axes and seems to hate people in general. Though she has no problem guiding others in battle and tactics. You are led to believe she was a favorite of the Stagg Lord – perhaps a chosen general. Both beautiful and cruel, she has a deadly combination of martial prowess and other-worldly power granted by her curse. She is also cunning and smart, and full of self-preservation skills and knowledge.

Svetlana had asked Lumen to capture Kressle alive and procure a lock of her hair. Unbeknown to Lumen, Svetlana levied a curse upon the woman, who suffered from horrible nightmares during her imprisonment at Oleg’s Fort.

She was taken by the group to Restov along with other bandit prisoners to stand trial for their crimes. At the time of your leaving the city to establish your town of Crimsondale, Kressle’s execution by hanging was a week away. She was still plagued by the nightmares.

It is said that just before Kressle hung by her neck, she screamed something in a language that none could understand. She was hung at a hangman’s tree outside of Restov, beyond the borders of Brevoy in the territory of the Stolen Lands.

Tales of Kressle’s body going missing have been circulating around the tables at the Wolf & the Unicorn for most of the year. Some say a family member or a passerby traveler took pity on her and cut her down to give her a proper burial. Others, however, are convinced that she somehow faked her death and is still out there, plotting revenge.


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