Maegar Varn

Baron of Varnhold, Leader of the Varnling Host


Male Human (Taldan) Fighter 5


A low-ranking but eager to impress swordlord named Maegar Varn was given a charter by the Lord Mayor of Restov to establish a town and make peace with the Nomen centaurs, who have always made trouble.

Standing at 6’3, 220 lbs with an impressively muscular build and a cocky ego to go along with it, he is every bit a handful as he presents himself to be. His charming good looks don’t make up for the fact that he is condescending, selfish and exceedingly vain.

Always seeking an opportunity to advance his status and wealth, he joined the swordlords while pursuing an audacious career as a mercenary. He’s made somewhat of a name for himself in a short period of time in southern Brevoy, garnering the attention of Lord Mayor Sellemius. When presented with the chance to start a town of his own he jumped at the chance, bringing along his most trusted adventuring companions to aid him, his Varnling Host.

Maegar has short chestnut brown hair that is kept in a way that appears to be unkempt, as the ladies think it makes him look ‘rugged’, and keeps a neatly trimmed beard. His golden brown platemail is decorated with a two-headed firebird design painted in an orange-red hue. He carries a fine longsword with a jewel-decorated pommel and sheath.

Maegar Varn

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