Female Nixie


Not much is known about this beautiful and charming red-haired fey, Meryiansel (pronounced (Maer-ee-EYE-an-sel). She seems to dwell in the slow moving Skunk River and admits to seldomly straying far from where the PCs met her.

She was encountered during a standoff with Corax – a gruff lumberjack who was cutting down 200 year old Coachwood Trees near the river-pool in which she dwells. She was mortified at the thought that the beautiful trees would wind up as a “Table for some peasants slop”. The ox of a man threatened to “hang her up to drip dry” and she charmed a couple of his men into fending Corax off.

After a diplomatic intervention by the PCs, she asked to have new saplings “taken from Tyressyia’s grove”in order to replace the ones Corax and his men had felled.

She proves to be both a blessing and a curse. She provides some stability to the kingdom in that as thanks for the PC’s efforts, she acts as a spy in the area to protect the west approach of the kingdom and can speak of activity she sees in the area. However she is also a curse in that she will not allow lumberjacking in that hex.

So long as peace continues to exist between Pendraig and Meryiansel she provides a +2 to Stability.

In any month (turn) that a PC comes and swims with her for a week, that bonus increases to +3 as she is able to provide rumors of danger or trouble from the other fey and natural creatures in the area.


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