Kobold Fighter, Ambassador of the Sootscales


Male Kobold Fighter 5


This kobold was captured by mites and liberated by your group during your assault on their den. Mikmek proved to be quite useful and skilled with weapons. You learn that the black-scaled kobold with impressively sized canines is in fact the best warrior other than the chieftain in their clan. Through conversation (in Draconic), you learn that he has a fierce loyalty to the chieftain, and can even speak the Common language.

Thus far, you’ve only seen Mikmek use the spears provided to him in the Mites’ den. He does, however, prefer javelins at range, and fighting with short swords or other light weapons when in melee, using his impressive agility to his utmost advantage to finesse his weapons into precise strikes of his foes.

Mikmek was the leader of a strike force who attacked mites on their way back from the south. The mites had liberated a great deal of “treasure” by stealing it from a group of bandits who had in turn stolen it. The kobold strike force attacked the mites, stole the treasure from the mites who stole it from the bandits who stole it from somewhere else. He was later sent by his Chieftain to retrieve the statuette of Old Sharptooth from the den of the mites along with four other Sootscale warriors, but his team was overwhelmed by the mites’ centipede pets and was captured as a result. After which, he endured a week of torture of sharpened stick poking and acid burns that left tell-tale scars across his lustrous scales.

However, Mikimek looks no worse for the wear, but has since become quite hostile and holds significant animosity for the little nasty blue fey creatures (no, not smurfs).


Kingmaker Shinigami_DM