Natalya Yagevna

Ice Witch, Resident of Crimsondale


Female Human (Ulfen) Witch 7


This young woman belonged to a minor aristocratic family in Irrisen and was given to Haldyr Bjornsson as part of a political strategy. Shortly after Haldyr was killed and she was to be sacrificed on Haldyr’s funerary ship. She was rescued by Skelg the Ripper, who allowed her to sail the ship where she will.

The Beacon of the North, a powerful magic item belonging to the ship, was taken by Skelg and later activated by his enemies, causing the ship to produce cold energy that created an iceberg, encasing the ship and causing it to float adrift in the frozen seas.

Being an Ice Witch, Natalya was able to survive on the ship with her magic until the PCs brought the Beacon back to her, allowing her to end the curse and magics affecting her ship. She agreed to go back to Crimsondale with the ship, and became Skelg’s wife.

Natalya’s knowledge of magic of the North enables her to craft the magic oil that powers the Beacon. She currently resides in Skelg’s Manor.

Natalya Yagevna

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