Oleg Leveton



Male Human (Taldan) Expert 5


This stern and rather unimaginative man is the proud and stubborn owner of a trading post on the edge of Southern Brevoy – on the border where Rostland gives way to the Stolen Lands. He made an arranged charter with Restov, agreeing to restore an old abandoned fortification that officially belonged to Restov, turning it into trading post and inhabiting it to prevent it from completely being captured by nature 3 years ago. This agreement immediately followed his announcement of his engagement to be married to Svetlana. It is obvious to those who are savvy that the remote location and inconvenient distance from any major river would certainly lend itself to never finding any significant financial success with the trading post. Oleg however, is simply fine with this. The broad chested, middle-aged Taldan chose such a location to be as remote as possible – to escape constant political machinations and maneuvering that dominated life in Restov shortly after his marriage to Svetlana – whom many question the logistics of that arrangement, putting himself in the center of many scandalous gossip – another facet of urban life he wanted to escape.

Here on the edge of any sort of civilization, hidden from….everything….he lives as happily as one can imagine with his lovely Varisian bride. Apparently all Oleg ever truly wanted was to be left alone, and the trading post – although a business – is not anything that will ever make him rich – just a means to an end – a place far away and secluded for he and his wife to live far away from the sins of civilization – yet without living so far as to enjoy all of its benefits.

Oleg is a stubborn and fiercely proud man with a no-nonsense attitude. He possesses little patience for impracticality, and has even less patience for those who tend to waste his time. If it weren’t for his undying devotion and love for his wife, it would be easy to believe the man has no heart at all; but when it comes to Svetlana, nothing else in the world seems to matter to him.

Oleg Leveton

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