Ser Warner Lionheart

Baron of Galanor, Leader of the Iron Wraiths


Male Human (Taldan) Paladin 5 of Iomedae


(Originally posted by my good friend and fellow DM, Robert Brambley, with some alterations to fit the current setting. This character is a nod to the one he played in my campaign back in my California days).

Sir Warner is the noble-born prodigal son of Sir Kicley – Lord of Justice Keep, retired “Lord High-Marshall” of the Dragon Knights who aided the king in defending the great country of Lastwall from Belkzen’s savage Hordes.

Sir Warner is by right, entitled to one day inherit the lands, and titles granted to his father by Watcher-Lord Ulthun II, but just as Sir Kicley would expect from anyone else, he would prefer that Warner would wish to prove himself to be worthy of such inheritance and titles.

Sir Warner is just as chilvalric and resolute as his father, and has all of the altruistic and heroic notions that decorated his fathers’ service-record. He has, no more or less desire to vanquish evil, save the innocent, defend the weak, and help and heal others, but he has found a slightly different path and calling: whereas his fathers tendency was to punish the evil ruthlessless with a mighty bastard sword as the church and nation used him as a sword-arm of justice, Sir Warner’s calling was more for defending. His career and training has thus emphasized the need and use of a shield and defensive measures. Thus it is often times befuddling to others, the Sir Warner usually opts not to draw or wield a weapon at all. Doing so breaches the tenents of his own personal-philosophy that a weapon only confuses the ideal and that defending others and use of the shield should be the primary and sole focus.

He hopes to one day wield his father’s justice-scale decorated shield.

Sir Warner’s self-motto is dominated by “Death before Dishonor.” Although he has the overwhelming urge to defend and heal, he judiciously does so in accordance to his faith in Iomedae: the weak are to be defended and the just are to be healed. Thus Sir Warner will not dishonor his faith and use Iomedae’s blessings and divine magic on those unworthy. If wounds were suffered due to actions of treachery, cowardice, or dishonor, he will use his discretion and allow the wounds to remind the bearer of the consequences on one’s actions. Thus is the duty of follower of the Goddess of Justice.

Sir Warner is extremely chiselled and comely man. A favorite among young ladies back in Lastwall. Although he delights in the attention of such dolling, and although he is not vowed to chastity, he never takes advantage of a woman’s affections and treats them with absolute deference and chivalry. He considers himself romantic and thus is a complete gentleman with his affectionate and romantic interludes. He is 6’5" and 230 lbs and is of Northern Taldan descent. His giant-like stature lends credence to the rumors that the Northern Taldan are descendants from ancient giants. He has long wavy blond hair and sparkling sea-blue eyes that remind one of the blue waters of Lake Encarthan. Those feature are more of a likeness to his mother: a priestess of Shelyn of pure-blood Taldan. He has a self-inflicted tatoo on his left arm of the holy symbol of Iomedae and on his right arm of his family crest. He is known for his devotion to religion and he takes the death of others, even his enemies, very seriously, acts to honor their deaths when proper burials. His philosophy on this is that he loves life so much, and hopes for happiness for all so strongly, that he beleives that honoring the dead will free ones soul and perhaps give them a good afterlife that life could not bring them. Perhaps the spirit will find its way to redemption and salvation if given the opportunity and benfit where the mortal shell did not.

Sir Warner and the Iron Wraiths were given a charter by Lord Mayor Sellemius of Restov to venture to the Glenebon Uplands region of the Stolen Lands, charging them with purging the hills of the Tiger Lord barbarians and, eventually, to make diplomatic contact with Pitax to work out border issues.

Ser Warner Lionheart

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