Skelg the Ripper

Retired Adventurer, Resident of Crimsondale


Male Human (Ulfen) Barbarian 12


This massive Ulfen Barbarian began adventuring at the age of sixteen when he became a man in the eyes of his tribe. For fifteen years he explored the rugged Lands of the Linnorm Kings, fought and killed vicious monsters on the tundras and in the depths of dungeons, and came into much loot in the process. Eventually he was called upon by his kin to fulfill his people’s ancient duty to become a member of the Longaxes, the elite personal guard of the Taldan Emperor. He spent the next 25 years in the Longaxes, protecting Taldan embassies around Avistan and eventually, the Emperor himself.

Along the way he established himself as a fearsome opponent, making many enemies in the process. One such enemy was Haldyr Bjornsson, an Ulfen Jarl of Varisia. After many clashes over the years, he slew Haldyr in a fierce battle. Soon after, Skelg heard news that Haldyr’s wife, Natalya, was to be sacrificed on Haldyr’s funerary pyre ship. He raided the ship, took what treasures lie upon it, rescued Natalya and left her on the ship to sail where she will.

Months later, Skelg decided to retire in the country and live out his days in the wild. He heard of a burgeoning Barony in the Stolen Lands and after visiting for a brief time, decided to settle in the town of Crimsondale. His retirement, however, was not without incident.

Haldyr’s son, Bengeirr Haldyrsson, wanted to avenge the death of his father. He and his men tracked Skelg to Crimsondale where they raided his temporary lodging and tried to kill Skelg. Bengeirr unwittingly activated a magical lantern called the Beacon of the North in the battle, and the magical light of the Beacon struck Skelg, causing him to fall under a devastating freezing curse. Pleased by this, Bengeirr decided to let Skelg die in his bed in disgrace rather than die a warrior’s death in battle. He placed his men at Skelg’s door to pose as his guards to prevent Skelg from leaving.

After receiving word from Akiros about Skelg’s missed appointment to meet the Crimsondale leadership, Baron Nerle decided to meet the man himself. The situation was soon discovered and after a series of battles, Bengeirr was slain and the Beacon recovered. Baron Nerle, Spymistress Lumen and Raas, bodyguard to the Baron were taken through a portal the Beacon created to Haldyr’s funerary ship, where they encountered Natalya and ended the Beacon’s magical curse.

Cured, Skelg was grateful and rewarded his saviors for ending the curse and returning his stolen goods. He also agreed to take Natalya as his wife, who by the laws and customs of the North was his prize since rescuing her. He asked that the Beacon be kept under safeguard by the Baron in order to prevent it’s magic from being abused again.

Skelg’s Manor was built with his own money; there is no BP cost to the Barony for the building.

Skelg the Ripper

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