Svetlana Leveton

Grand Diplomat


Female Human (Varisian) Commoner 2 / Aristocrat 3


his amazingly gorgeous Varisian is barely half her husband’s age. She was visitng Brevoy just a few years ago among a band of vagabond Vistani, when she met Oleg and apparently chose to stay even after her clan moved on. Many rumors and speculation ammounting to shameless gossip was thrown about at the time of the announcemnt of Oleg’s engagement to her as to why she would agree to such a marriage and how someone like Oleg would ever be able to latch on to someone of such exquisite and ripe beauty. However anyone spending time with the couple can assure that there is little doubt that the two are devoutly in to one another; his complete adoration and doting upon her, and her loyalty and respect for her husband.

Svetlana is just over 5 ft and gracefully waifish and thin. She has exquisitely shaped curves, and full luscious ruby lips – a paragon example of even Vistani beauty. She moves with the grace of a gypsy dancer typical of her heritage, and has the charisma and charm to calm even the most recalcitrant linnorm. Her soft and elegant features are accentuated by hints of sharp high angular cheek bones, hinting at possibly some elven blood in her ancenstry.

She and Oleg happily spend their life on the border of civilization, far from the stressors of city-life, content needing only each other for warmth and company.

Svetlana Leveton

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