Tiressyia & Falchos

Dryad & Satyr


Female Dryad & Male Satyr


These fey lovers dwell in the Nalmarches. The dryad is related to the Nixie, Meryiansel. The couple dwell in a beautiful grove that the dryad tends, rife with gorgous plant and animal life including the most pristine examples of coachwood, cypress, sycamore, birch and various types of pine trees.

The satyr, Falchos is unarguably devoted and loyal to the tree sprite. A bit neurotic and hyper, the fey goat/man creature enjoys a good meal of fish and beautiful soft music from his pan-pipes and soft elven chanting chorus singing. Falchos never leaves Tiressyia’s side and is always quick to comply and see to her needs.

The two of them knew the unicorn, Mysthallion, and the dryad indicates she even felt the disturbance in the fey-world when the unicorn was killed 10 seasonal changes ago.

The PCs met the two when they were in terror of a murderous Scythe Tree. They agreed to help the PCs by the dryad using her druidic magic to replant gorgeous coachwood saplings from her grove to the riverside near the pool where Meryiansel inhabits, in exchange for the PCs help in removing the menacing wicked tree.

After befriending the PCs and each benefitting from the others’ help, Tiressyia has pledged to help you guard the Nalmarches and provide you with information about threats within the forest’s borders.

Tiressyia & Falchos

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