Mischievous Fey


Female Grig


Tyg-titter-tut is an excitable grig, a cat-sized fey with the upper body of a waifish humanoid and the lower body of a cricket. She enjoys usic and can sit for hours listening even to poor performances, and always has something nice to say about the music when it ends.

She and her companion Perlivash set upon the party whilst they were exploring the forest. Thinking them mean ‘bigginses’ like the bandits they had previously encountered, Tyg and Perlivash played a few mischievous pranks upon the heroes before being discovered. After being offered a few shiny things and some alcohol, however, the pair became fast friends with the group.

Tyg offered some valuable information to the group, such as locations on their map, tipping them to dangers in advance and giving them the opportunity to plan ahead and possibly avoid misfortune.

Tyg and Perlivash remain in their section of the Nalmarches, with the offer of friendship and aid in the future should the heroes seek it.


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