Royal Assassin


Male Human (Taldan) Warrior 1 / Rogue 4


Zel didn’t make very good life choices growing up. Not that he had much choice – being an orphan cast into the streets of New Stetven is a harsh life, and one either does what it takes to survive or end up dead in the gutter.

Becoming a thug and errand boy for those who had sway in the streets, Zel eked out a life as a teen with many run-ins with the law. Eventually, Zel was forced to flee the capital, where he ended up in The Stolen Lands as one of the bandits under the leadership of Happs Bydon.

Recently he watched his boss Happs die quite forcefully and decisively in battle, and surrendered to your group, where he exchanged information for his life in the form of indentured servitude to your group for a period of one year.

Zel is a 19 year old Taldan boy with brown hair and bright eyes. He means well, but he always seems to have bad luck with getting mixed up with the wrong people.


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